4th International HSE Geochemistry Workshop

  July 11th-15th 2016, Durham, UK

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The 4th International Workshop on Highly Siderophile Element Geochemistry will take place in Durham, United Kingdom  (July 11th-14th 2016) and is hosted by the Durham Geochemistry Group of the Department of Earth Sciences. A draft list of themes is given here. If preparing relevant high-quality full research articles, please keep the GCA THEMATIC VOLUME in mind as a forum for your publication.

If you are heading to the 2016 Annual Goldschmidt Meeting please consider a session affiliated with this workshop:

Session 16a: Tracing Ocean Circulation - Past and Present

Conveners - Ruza IvanovicTina van de Flierdt, and David Wilson


If attending the 79th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society please consider an allied session - 1 of only 5 granted *special session* status:

Special Session - Planetary Evolution: Advances in meteoritical and lunar isotopic analyses

Conveners - Fienke Nanne, Mario Fischer-Godde, Helen Williams, and Amy Riches.


This specialist workshop is a 4 day event and is open to all interested parties at an international level. The meeting is timed to occur between the 2016 Annual Goldschmidt Conference and the Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society. It shall complement the short course on highly siderophile and strongly chalcophile elements in high temperature geochemistry and cosmochemistry held 7 months prior and linked to a new RiMG volume.


The 4th HSE workshop is of cross-disciplinary appeal in covering analytical advances, as well as low-temperature and high-temperature geo- and cosmochemistry topics pertaining to HSEs and allied elements. The meeting and related activities will provide opportunities for friendly exchange between scientists of all levels, thus offering the potential for all to accelerate knowledge/technology sharing and explore new observations that advance understanding of key geo- and cosmochemistry questions. Additionally, we anticipate many opportunities for useful new international collaborations to nucleate during the workshop; these will be highly beneficial to continued progress in HSE frontier science and will support overall advances within the geochemistry community, help to create pathways for present and future students, and potentially provide for the early-stages of discussions to commercialise scientific applications for industry.


We look forward to seeing you all here!